The Logitech G915 premium keyboard is an amazing piece of kit. Not only is it revolutionary in introducing tactile real mechanical keys, it does this with a thin profile.

We at Staraxe use various Logitech hardware, from keyboards, mouses, and webcams.

Recently I came across 2 confusing problems with the G915 keyboard.

  1. The keyboard does not wake up and shows inactive when in Lightspeed mode
  2. The keyboard does not charge correctly
Logitech G915 Lightspeed Mechanical Keyboard

How to solve keyboard not waking up and showing inactive when in Lightspeed mode

This problem seems to have occurred after a software update. Therefore we did not think it was a hardware issue, but more related to the update causing a bug.

After various attempts to disconnect and reconnect, update the software. We found that when you plug the keyboard in with the USB cable the keyboard wakes up and functions. But when disconnecting USB for it to work with Lightspeed USB dongle the keyboard goes inactive.


  1. Connect the keyboard using the USB wire to your PC
  2. Remove and plug back in the Logitech USB dongle into your PC
  3. Go into the GHUB software and click Settings from the Right-hand side menu
  4. Click Click the Device Pairing Tool (you will see it near the middle of the screen
  5. Click the keyboard icon and press continue
  6. Press Continue again
  7. Now press and Hold the Lightspeed button on your keyboard for 3 seconds so it reconnects
  8. Once the connection takes place, the problem of Inactivity should be fixed.

An extremely bizarre problem, with a simple fix.

Click Menu button on the GHub software
Click Settings button
Click Device Pairing Tool
Select Pair Keyboard
Click Continue when you find your keyboard

The keyboard does not charge correctly

The keyboard seems to work when connected with a Micro-USB wire. So we thought all was ok, but the keyboard keeps losing charge even after hours of it being plugged in.

This is another finicky issue with this keyboard. You would assume a Micro-USB plugged into a USB 3.1 port on your PC or a mains charger should charge simple low energy using things like a keyboard..! Wrong.

Logitech in their infinite wisdom decided that’s not how it should work, lets be pedantic and not “Logi”cal.


  1. Use the Micro-USB cable provided by Logitech in the box.

That cable has some sort of power regulator in the middle of the cable (we think). It basically does not look like a normal straight-wire USB cable, so we are assuming there is something to it.

When you plug in the provided USB cable you will hear a sound from your PC indicating something has been plugged in.

After a while, you will see the keyboard charging up.

Connect to your PC using Logitech’s own cable provided in your Box

Hope this helps all those scratching your heads with these idiotic issues. Hopefully, Logitech solves this with up-and-coming software updates.