Staraxe, aims to provide a unique engaging approach for searching, selecting and buying tech & accessories products. Based in London UK, Staraxe is a growing and forward thinking company, supplying popular brands & OEM consumer products.

Teams here at Staraxe are an enthusiastic bunch, most are techies who have a lot of specialised experience and knowledge, to help you identify and get exactly what you want and as a result we hope Staraxe & will be your first choice when it comes to technology and computing.

At Staraxe we review daily our range of products, and negotiate the best prices on as many products as possible, identified by us, or by our customer buying habits and requests. So always check your newsletters and visit the website daily as there will always be unique competition beating deals, promotions and offers. Staraxe makes every effort to be directly engaged with our customers at every opportunity.

You can contact us via social media for advice, support or just to say hello, email us, call us and if you are so inclined, contact us via post. We aim to assist, clarify and inform our customers by running demos of popular products at our contact center and will try our best to regularly upload focused videos of products reviews, demos, unboxings, how to’s and technology news.

Staraxe stocks and sells popular branded products such as Sony, Samsung, HTC, HP, Xbox, Playstation and many many more. most are ready to ship on the same day. We also develop and distribute Staraxe unique own brand products, determined to meet ever growing customer demands for “best value for money products”, from the most high end tech products to daily budget essentials, plus Exclusive artisan accessories.

With Staraxe, You get a choice of thousands of quality product from hundreds of categories. With our huge range of Consoles & Games, Tablet PC, Computers, peripherals, accessories, Laptops, and much much more, you will be happy, excited and satisfied that you shopped with us.

Staraxe has strong relationships with product supply-chain and technology industry, ensuring we are always up-to-date with the latest trends in the fast-paced world of technology which means our customer will have a fast and ready access to the best electronics at some of the most competitive prices around.
Our great relationship with the biggest brands in the industry ensures that we have access to products much earlier than other companies and on certain products even before it hits the market ensuring that our customers get top of the range products before anyone.

At Staraxe, we use a unique approach to selling and engaging with customers, drawing in all of our collective knowledge and experience. We understand that customers Talk, Ask, and Investigate from different sources before making a purchase of item(s).

Therefore at Staraxe we aim to do all the hard work for you, saving you the time and energy spent searching for the best deals. targets to provide our customers as much information as possible about products via articles, product page details, Videos and more. Our blog will also have detailed product reviews, news, detailed pictures, product tours and help tutorials on a range of current and future products. We rely on our customers support, so get in touch, give us your requests and feedback.

Welcome to Staraxe. Why look anywhere else?

Staraxe also specialises in B2B sales and is responsible for many business accounts on a global scale, small and large. Our expertise assures you that you get the highest level of information, advice, delivery and logistics including post sales support. We’ll take care of it from the moment you order.

If you want your business to join Staraxe in these exciting developments, or you simply want to enjoy fantastic prices, flexible ordering of quantities and easy access to the latest top of the range products, do not hesitate to contact Staraxe Trade Team.

For more information please e-mail us at [email protected]

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