Microsoft’s newest Operating System, the Windows 10 is going to be available on the 29th of July. This brand-new offering of Microsoft will set to roll out everyone’s computing experience into something ‘more’. Compared to previous OS like Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 offers faster, more helpful and diverse. So expect improved details and mechanisms as well as get amazed by its fresh and hot tools.

Meet Cortana

Now, let’s get into these features, piece by piece. First, get to meet Cortana, tagged as the world’s only personal digital assistant. The real deal secretary is what Cortana was made for. Cortana can organize and remind you about your schedule. You don’t need to always look at your day by day’s activities as Cortana can remind you what to do next. Questions like how’s the traffic or would it rain, Cortana could give you the right answer. This virtual secretary can also help you find useful materials, files or even pages. Cortana could also lead you on what you may be interested in. Last but not the least, Cortana can also be on your smartphone or android phone, definitely amazing!

Windows Hello J

Along with Cortana that provides you a personal touch is the Windows Hello. This tool detects a device’s owner either by fingerprint or face. Just sat and get welcomed by your personal machine with a smile. Getting you recognized that easy don’t waste seconds. Its biometric authentication goes to check your look, iris or finger. Microsoft made it so personal that it’s no need to input a username or remember a password. Windows Hello provides users a secure usage and ownership with its advanced and incredible capability.

Note: Microsoft Edge

Giving users a new blend of fast browsing, Microsoft Edge is created exclusively for Windows 10. This advanced web browser lets you do search and surf easier and quicker than ever. There are 3 reasons why this Microsoft Edge is fast and awesome. One is with Microsoft Edge, reading or scanning and taking down notes is possible. Either you’re using a device with a stylus or pen, or just a mouse and keyboard, writing comments as well as sharing them could be done by this browser. Coming next is Microsoft Edge’s built-in reading view ability. Ignoring those other stuff on the content your into is really helpful. Admit it, it happens most that you wish it’s just as plain as black and white. Simplifying your reading view keeps you in focus and also your does good for your eye’s health. Topping it off, Microsoft Edge partners with Cortana, making it easier to do searching as built-in Cortana suggests what you may be interested. To keep it simple, Microsoft Edge allows you to have a fast and personal browsing.

Cortana, Windows Hello, Microsoft Edge. These 3 were the newest additions on this Windows 10. And these three do come with more developed tools such as Applications, basic features like the Taskbar and the Start Menu, and of course, the Xbox.

What about the Apps?

Not only with how they look but also with each of their functions, Windows 10’s applications like the Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, Mail and Calendar have been gone with a series of improvements. Enjoy using those apps on updated designs and feel free to organize them in whichever way you want. Same goes with Microsoft Office, now optimized with quick viewing, quick edits, note taking and transformed to give users a more immersive hands-on experience. Windows 10’s Microsoft Office would not let you down even when you’re on the go. No need to rush. (Take note that Microsoft One Note and Outlook have gone a lot better with many changes, having it new versions on this modern Windows 10. Also, there have been reports saying built in games like Solitaire and Hearts, etc. now comes with King Games like the popular game Candy Crush on this new Operating System, thanks to King’s and Microsoft’s partnership.)

Have we met?

Microsoft’s tag of being it ‘familiar’ sends its message of laying out changes, but not making you get confused or have a hard time with Windows 10. The ‘well-known’ idea is now combined with ease. Take the desktop, task bar and start menu as examples. Giving you a preview or sneak view of your programs or apps provides you an easier access and use. Quick start up and resume are also possible and would definitely give you no hassle. It’s not like a new instrument or machine that requires you to take a read of instructions or helpful guide.

Perfect for Gamers

For gamers, this last thing would be a big plus with this Windows 10. Sounds fun, right? Games you played before could be compatible with this new OS. Windows 10 can support other games, as well as expanded games of different types found in Windows Store. Good news, your Xbox can now be played on your PC or laptop. Yes, you heard it right. Xbox consoles can now be connected to your computer or laptop. Just plug in a connector and voila, enjoy playing your Xbox console with your personal machine. Also, Xbox could now be live on your very own screens. This is possible with the new Xbox app, a built in app in this latest OS.

Well, to simply make a conclusion, we can just say that this Windows 10 gives everyone a faster, modernized and a diverse computing experience. Faster with latest and developed tools and apps. Modern with fresh ideas and capabilities. And diverse as it crosses devices, from your computer to your handy smartphone. Or to make it more simple, it helps you thing to get done, easier. (This might be the reason why rumors about this Windows 10 to be the last Operating System that Microsoft will offer emerged.)

Part from those additions and innovations, Microsoft gives its users a big plus by giving users who have purchased previous versions like Windows 8.1 a free upgrade with this Windows 10. Also, this high end and modern OS is available in a wide range of new PCs. For further updated and more information, check out Microsoft’s very own link here. (