Ever wonder what it’s like to fly?

I would love to, it seems our human hero, Hiccup, has found a way to fly without the help of his dragon. Which is Badass, just like the rest of the movie.

It’s been five years later since we last saw Hiccup and his group of friends on the island of Berk. There have been some changes. All of the island’s residents have embraced dragons to the point where it has become a resort for them.

Hiccup starts the opening sequence with a narrative in ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2″ while his friends play Quidditach like game called ‘Dragon Racing.’ It would be amazing to be able to soar around on the back of dragon.

Hiccup is no longer the clumsy character we saw in the first, ‘How to Train Your Dragon.” Now he is quite the inventor and stenographer who enjoys falling from the sky with wings like his companion, Toothless, a dark fury dragon. There some hiccups with his landings but he is working on it.

Personally, I would love to have his body armor. It appears to be standard armory. However like his dragon, there are some mysteries to it, which are revealed throughout the duration of the movie. I have never seen armor with so many hidden pockets. Women’s dresses barely have the luxury of pockets.

Toothless is the hero as much as Hiccup is in this movie. Pet owners give their pets human qualities. It makes perfect sense that the dark fury exhibits behavior is remonstrant of a cat/dog with human qualities. Like Hiccup, this dragon learns about his inner capabilities.

After introducing the romantic relationship between Astrid and Hiccup, the adventure begins with the introduction of a mysterious pale teal ice cave and a new character; Stoick, played by Gerard Butler.

It took the entire first movie, to get the Vikings of Berk on board with loving dragons. That theme hasn’t changed in this film. Another group of people discover the value of loving and accepting dragons with the help Hiccup and his loved ones.

This sequel has evolved from being a movie for kids to a movie everyone can enjoy. Kissing is a perfect example without giving away too many spoilers. There are a couple of love-y dove-y kisses in a romantic scene that pulls on the heartstrings of parents. Then there are the humorous kisses from the dragons. Toothless seems to love kissing hiccup like a puppy kisses a kid. This movie has romance without being mushy.

Don’t worry kids; there isn’t a lot of kissing in this movie. Especially when there are fire and ice breathing dragons that need to be ridden on and saved.

There is a lot of thrilling adventure in the well-written movie. The story is sewed together like a well-made wool sweater. There are so many ins and outs that make the product without any loose ends. All of the animals and people who play a part in story are developed and express emotion except for the fish. They are just food for the dragons and families. The final battle sequence is a complex David vs. Goliath. Toothless and Hiccup have their moment as David.

Music and colors enhanced the movie. Colors played a bit of a side character. Light blues, vibrant greens, and yellows are some of the colors used when emotions are bright. Lighter Shades of Browns and blacks are used when the Vikings are in their homes. Dark browns and blacks and vibrant fire are used in the enemies’ territory. The music enhanced the scenes. Horns and snare enhance the action occurring on the screen. For example when Hiccup and Toothless are weaving through the sky.

Audiences of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” leave the movie satisfied and with some powerful messages. Some of the main themes and subthemes of the movie are:

  • It is important to stay true to yourself.
  • Never underestimate your full potential
  • Don’t follow the crowd especially when you remain pure of heart, everyone will eventually see the light and come to you.
  • A great leader is selfless and stands for peace and unity.

This isn’t just your run of the mill kid’s movie. It’s a phenomenal action packed sequel. Most sequels don’t receive glowing reviews. This movie definitely lives up to expectations of being great. I would recommend this movie to everyone.