Those of us who remember the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, will have fond memories of Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise.

Most important to this new story arc is the death of Data in the Star Trek Nemesis movie.

Where here sacrificed himself to save then Captain Picard.

This is crucial to the current series.

Chateau Picard

The first part of the episode shows a sombre, and tired now Admiral Picard (retired).

His frail and quite self-defeated. As the trailers showed, he got his dog “Number One” as a companion. Also, few additional helpers, who at present episode seem to have no real significance.

Picard is prepping for an interview. For what and by who, we are not told, but its some sort of life interview. A seemingly polite interview turns to a more hostile one. Playing into the overall theme of the episode.

Picard preps for an interview credit:CBS

During this setup of Picard, we move to a city where two couple is sharing a romantic evening together.

Dahj intro

This is the first time we meet Dahj (Isa Briones). Soon after men in black outfits which kind of resemble a sports biker gear in all black, teleport in and without notice or warning attack Dahj and kill the boyfriend.

Suddenly, the passive weeping Dahj, calms down, and attacks and kills these men, swiftly without pause and accuracy, almost “superhuman like”, hmm, what’s this about you thinking?

She sees a flashback of Picard randomly at the scene and soon after sees his face on a shop window of his interview.

She decided to find Picard and arrives at the Chateau.

Picard and Dahj

Dahj on meeting Picard explains what has happened and that she believes they are connected somehow on a deeper level.

Dahj meet Picard credit: CBS

Though Picard has no real idea or memory of her, he inclines towards the story and welcomes her to safety.

After a comforting chat in the evening, Dahj decides to run away to protect Picard in the event the biker dudes materialise again.

Star Trek Museum

Picard realises he has seen her before after waking up from a nap. And remembers, there was a painting Data drew but cannot fully recollect it.

Data paint Dahj credit: CBS

He immediately goes to Star Trek Museum and goes to the storage of sorts, where some of Enterprise’s old possessions are kept.

Picard Unlocks Data Painting credit: CBS

He unlocks the painting to see Dahj in it. Data drew over 20 years ago.

Painting of Dahj credit: CBS

Dahj Death

Soon after Dahj once again finds Picard.

Picard informs Dahj that she can be an android of sorts. And the “Daughter” of someone dear to him. As the two characters begin to come to terms with what is possible. Dahj leads Picard away as she “somehow” detect the Biker boys have hunted them down.

Outside Starfleet museum credit: CBS

How she detects them we still do not know yet.

They go on the run, and Picard showing his age, cannot keep going fast.

A fight breaks out, where we see Dahj android “superhuman” abilities once again, where she can leap large distances in a jump.

Picard sees Dahj burning up credit: CBS

Though she kicks ass, eventually she is killed by an explosion triggered of with…well, something that seems like an acid “spit” from a biker Romulans.

Yes, the biker boys were Romulans.

Dahj buring credit: CBS

Why they are hunting her, where they are coming from we do not know still.

Explosion killing Dahj credit: CBS

AI Research Lab

After her death, Picard goes to Star Trek Ai research lab, where he meets a scientist. There she shows him an almost “ghost town” of a lab in Ai, synthetic human research.

We are also shown the android “Before”. Remember him?

He was the Data clone which was found by Data in the movie Nemesis. Where Data tried to download his memory into him.

We are told at this point that Data is extremely advanced, and no matter how Star Fleet tries they are not able to reproduce any like Data.

Dahj’s Neckless representing her twin sister credit: CBS

Data’s Legacy

However, the scientist informs Picard, it is possible but unlikely that someone is able to make synthetic, human-like Ai. So close to humans that we cannot tell the difference. They can even bleed like us.

Human emotions and senses were something Data were seeking throughout the Next Generation TV series.

It seems his “daughter” supposedly replicated from a small part of Data is very human-like.

And now we are told, to make that level of advanced synthetic humanoid they have to be created in pairs.

She has a Sister.

One of Two: Dahj Sister credit: CBS

The Borg

The final scene we are taken to a semi-destroyed Borg Cube. Run by and repurposed by Romulans.

Why they are there we not told. But as they are refugees with no real abode due to a supernova explosion on Romulus.

Here we meet now Dahj 2. LOL, well her sister.

The Episode ends here with a zoom out of the Borg Cube.

Borg reclaimed damaged cube credit: CBS


Overall I thought it was a slow start. And not much like the old Next Generation series.

But like all the recent Star Trek shows and movies. Picard is made in a more dark and serious way. Similar somewhat to Star Trek Discovery.

Personally, I loved that the writers gave respect to Data and the movies of the Star Trek Next Generation. TNG was literally the anchor to this show and starts from the end of Nemesis movie.

One of my favourite characters on the TNG was Data and the fact his story and his loss plays a big part in this initial episode is appreciated. Who knows, maybe data comes back!

It’s looking good so far. Hope it gets even better as we get introduced to more of the TNG characters and some of Voyager’s characters.