It all started as a promise of improvement from 30fps and upgrading it to 48 and 60 frames per rate June of last year. Unveiling and showing off how motion-intense 60fps really is went in public days before welcoming November. This was continued early 2015 when they introduced support for 60fps 4K video. So what’s next? Google’s YouTube extends this amazing smooth upgrade by bringing this 60fps into your mobile.

Yes, YouTube’s 60fps video is now available for IOS and Android. Though there have been trailers and other clips made with advanced quality like this that exists before, this fps count now enables even regular user uploads. Broadening its platform starting from desktops and now to mobiles, 60fps YouTube is said to be available as well on Apple TV and PlayStation 3 & 4 consoles.

For you to be able to view this smoother video quality, don’t forget to select either 720p or 1808p HD in the settings options. In the pool of quality options, you will still see other lower pixels or lower count of fps like 30fps. This means the before fps option is still accessible if you wish to enjoy the much native motion.


Perks of 60fps

Others may find the former 30fps rate better or is enough. But with gamers, this 60fps video rate is truly a great idea. Admit it, 30fps have turned your video gaming experience into more loading or buffering seconds. Letting fans enjoy watching game trailers or game foreplays in this well-improved video quality assures more action, power and close to ‘real’ scenes than before. Remember that fps (frames per second) refers to the measurement of the number of the consecutive images a camera or an act can handle each second. And with regards to gaming which leads to fast-action scenes like those in bloody battles, exchange of punches in fighting arenas and fiery wars, the 60fps rate would perfectly add ‘life’ and excitement to audience. Try watching this video below and see the difference of having it seen in (opt to 720p60 or 1080p60 video quality in the settings, note that this new options also comes available in Android.) 60fps.

If before it’s only possible to watch that higher frame per second rate on gaming consoles and even on television, this YouTube improved video fps feature would surely let you get more immersed with gaming.

Landing into Mobile

YouTube’s 60fps being available on Android and iOS means enabling mobile users enjoy this improved fps quality in watching YouTube videos. This higher fps technology was made server-side, meaning there’s no need for you to update your app to be able to have this 60fps on your phone. However, the new 60fps support on Android and iOS is just for videos and not yet on live streams. Also, this new feature is not available when viewing YouTube on a mobile browser or some third-party app.


With the trend of offering almost all (so don’t be surprised if just for some years you might be able to cook food with your smartphone) in your smartphone, the decision of bringing YouTube 60fps to your mobile could be consider as both a marketing strategy and an innovation. In the era where almost everyone holds this handy gadget, expanding like jumping to follow what’s ‘in’ is a must as this would help you keep the thread. On the other hand, going with the fast-phase changing or improving environment, it turned out to be that to enhance leads to increase. Also, the release of this 60fps goes well with gaming’s trend of exhibiting higher fps count to provide more powerful gaming experience to gamers and fans. But still the bottom line either or, this is both promising. YouTube really proved there’s still next on what they could give users through this 60fps.