It seems Microsoft simple does not learn from its past. 22nd Septembe, 2020 Microsoft released pre-orders for Xbox Series X and..wait for it ! Xbox Series S. 🤨🤨

It is considered in the industry to be a mess of a launch. Retailers such as us at where completely is bombarded with calls from customers trying to order the correct new Xbox, 2020 edition.

But they were confused between which one was the X and which one was the S, as parents try to rush to buy the correct Xbox for Christmas.

New 2020 Xbox Series X and Series S

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

However things have gotten even weirder with the previous generation Xbox One X.

Many have criticised Microsoft for naming their latest console so similar to the previous generation consoles. With the difference between the names being literally one letter, which are the words “ONE” or “SERIES

What a total lazy mistake by Microsoft. seriously! The guy who was responsible for naming should be fired, or worse !

Sales of the Xbox One X began to spike everywhere, and stocks were running low. Soon after many reported that they bought the incorrect Xbox. So what was going on?

Xbox Series X (release November 2020)
Xbox One X (Released 2017)

Buyers are confused

Kids were asking their parent for the latest “Xbox Series X“. But less tech-savvy parents were getting confused and purchasing the “Xbox One X,” instead.

Xbox One X was released in November 2017. The Xbox Series X is being released 10 November 2020. All customers who are interested in the latest Xbox be careful and make sure you purchase the Xbox – SERIES X and not the ONE X.

Xbox One X still an amazing console however it is not the latest release for 2020. The difference between these two models names has caused a lot of buyer confusion. And even some tech savvy buyers with not much time to shop quickly purchase and Checkout not knowing they have bought the One X and not the latest Series X.

We really hope Microsoft wake up, hunt down the guy who keeps naming their consoles in such a ignorant and lazy way.

Sony Playstation keeps it simple

Sony has always been pretty good at their simplistic yet totally acceptable console and accessories naming. Their launches are usually also spot on.

They simply name their consoles with numbers..easy yet affective (not retarded like Microsoft).

The last generation PlayStation was called PlayStation 4. The latest 2020 console is called PlayStation 5. Genius. So lets get this right, PS4 is the old console and PS5 is the new one. Not hard to follow is it. Seriously Microsoft you people need to wake up.

Besides this simple stupidity in naming by Microsoft Xbox, the new 2020 Xbox Series X is actaully a powerful machine.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X

Both consoles are great consoles. Xbox One X (2017 edition 🙄🙄) has still a lot of power and has 4K output gameplay with HDR giving amazing image quality. However, the Xbox Series X (the latest one.!!) can play games up to 8K. Though not many TV’s yet can display this, it is at least future proof.

Xbox Series X specs: Xbox One X specs:

CPU: Eight-core 3.8GHz (3.6GHz with SMT)
custom AMD 7nm
GPU: 12 teraflops 1.825GHz (locked)
Frame rate: Up to 120 fps
Resolution: Up to 8K
Optical: HD Blu-Ray disk drive
Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD
CPU: Eight-core 2.3GHz custom AMD
GPU: Six teraflops
1172 MHz
Frame rate:
Up to 60 fps
Up to 4K
HD Blu-Ray disk drive
Xbox Series X vs Xbox One X specs comparison

As you can see, the Xbox Series X is a huge increase in real world specs. Notably it has 8K resolution and can play at 120fps for a clear smooth visuals. The NVMe SSD compared to physical HDD will make loading times much faster. The graphics power is also double from 6 teraflops to 12 terflops.

Old Games will Work

Latest 2020 Xbox Series X will be backward compatible with their previous generation Xbox One games. So at launch most games should be playable on the latest console. So if your lucky enough to have purchased the pre-orders you will have plenty of games to play while we all wait for the next generation of games to be developed and released.